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Introducing: Spectral Insight

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hailing from Bangalore and Pune, Spectral Insight are a bunch set on making new waves in the “new wave of prog metal”, and for all intents and purposes, it seems like they succeed whilst hitting high notes in the quality stakes simultaneously.

This summer saw the release of the band’s self titled debut EP, a six-track affair which appeared to be well received by all who were attentive enough to give it a listen. Built on a foundation of layered guitars and grooves, the band struck gold in terms of instrumentation and structures, and that all important progressiveness subsequently fell into place as well. The act is comprised of guitarist Siddharth Chakravarty, Producer Uddipan Sarmah, Sessions bassist Preetam Lahkar, Sessions keyboardist Shaawn Gurung and drummer Partha D'hingia, who together ply a trade of mind-bendingly intricate prog metal tinged with elements of math-tech, and topped with some electronic sprinkles. Whilst ‘Remanant’ could prove easy to listen to, and hard to dance to, its vibe urges you to nonetheless – and that’s where the beauty of the genius lies.  

Drawing influence from a wide array of genres, the ensemble otherwise lead by Siddharth Chakravarty manifests beautiful intricacy considering this has only been a studio project so far – though with a recent abundance of bedroom projects, they plan to dispose off the redundance and go live by September this year. 

The whole point here is of course, to indicate to you the reader, that Spectral Insight are a band worth your time. That their music is worthy of your time, and money, and with two thumbs up I think we can confirm that that’s pretty much the case. 

You can keep up with the band on the usual channels of Facebook and Twitter, and if you don’t want to commit your cash just yet – you can download that recent singles for free at the location indicated above– you can also stream it directly below: 


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