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The K- Reactives

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Rock bands glamorising girls and love stories are nothing new. Neither is the spectre of a promiscuous young boy claiming to be adapting to the ways of the world. They are, however, seemingly, less common than they used to be.These Tezpur boys lash out a biker-friendly sound that’s all about colossal riffs, sweet-sixteen vocals, blazing keyboard passages and a Faith-esque cool. Single “Justifying ‘cause we’re boys” is a beautifully assembled space in itself, transforming the world’s most clich├ęd lyricism into expansive blues-refurbishment and glorious light-beam imprints of guitar. Frontman Rahul Rajkhowa admits it’s not for everyone, but that he doesn’t care nonetheless: “This is for Blues and rock n’ roll fanatics, the people who would whine if they weren’t aurally challenged by what they heard.”


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