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Dead Calm Chaos

Friday, February 10, 2012

Modern Death Metal mixed with a furious dose of 90’s metal sensibilities- Dead Calm Chaos are an extremely diverse sounding melo-death act driven primarily by the enormous dollops of fury instilled in the forthright framework of their brilliantly written originals. A raw, rabid assault of breakdowns, dense guitar wankery and leviathan tunes- the Shillong based five piece are one of those bands that hammer riff after riff in each song, not stopping until they break your typical-doggedness and stomp your mind. Very rarely have I come across a band that succeeds in making my head nod despite splodges of slapdash production barring its compositional intensities. There is a dynamic here that’s not evident in many other bands in the independent scene today. Here’s wishing them the best in their endeavors.


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