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Menwhopause- Easy

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Delhi based Alt rockers Menwhopause are not afraid to make it apparent who their influences are.  But that is not at all a problem, since their management of these influences is perfect.  They are equally informed by 90’s rock n’ roll and more recent alternative rock, and the combination proves to be a winner.  Opener ‘Time’ starts with a guitar line that evokes a Post-rock feel, but then settles into a Led zep-like groove, which comes through even more strongly on ‘Can’t we be dreaming’. Meanwhile, the third track, ‘Floating’ has a more laid back and stoned vibe.  While the musicianship is intelligent, the vocals are perhaps a little too unruffled for songs like these – a lot of the times, one feels like there is no muscle in the singing. They are better suited to the peppier ‘Sky is falling down’, where a clean guitar-line underpins a rabid drum groove.  The record halts with title track, ‘Easy’ which has a very contemporary feel to it.  But that doesn’t add much to this fourteen track EMI release; Menwhopause are evidently at their best when they’re channeling Classic and Alt rock tunes to create their otherwise trademark sound.


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