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Abiogenesis- Slice of Heaven

Thursday, June 2, 2011

‘Slice of Heaven’ has nearly all the basics of a great fusion rock album; Arenla’s voice is accomplished, excellent from delicate to calm to carefree. Like a much loved but rarely seen distant cousin. Track 1 ‘Gazing at the moon’ is a perfect choice for an opener, as it sums up the album concisely – it’s swift, outlying, and lofty, threaded through with a tinge of murk. It washes over the listener like a jaded tidal smash in the waves off an island of taupe. This sound and pace permeates the album and unfortunately leaves every track somewhat indistinguishable from each other. And it’s a shame that Arenla’s voice and her band’s travail engage perfectly, while the production destroys this obvious chemistry by being dull and somewhat disappointing. This is however, in bits and pieces- a rollercoaster of an album too, packed to the margins with twists and turns- lyrically. Abiogenesis are terrific storytellers, and this third offering from the Nagaland based experimental act meets the listener’s ultimate test- to want to switch to the next song, to want to know what happens next.


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