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Undying Inc- AWD

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Top –notch compositions, Rabid vocals and production that’s destined to make your ears bleed- Aggressive World Dynasty is a metal kick in the nuts. This is tour de anger, a spendid hour exemplifying pretty much every element of metal you’ve ever heard before. The solid Grooves intersperse the songs with a bit of dynamic variation that does nothing to thwart the album's all-important impetus; in fact, listeners are not likely to find anything that does. By the time the album closes out with ‘Existence Failed V-3.1’ you will realize that you're fatigued, having been in imprisonment of the album's breathless pace for an hour or so without realizing that much time was passing. That speaks to what's most remarkable about Aggressive World Dynasty: the ability to craft massive tunes that never drag.


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