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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blot::Heartiest Metchul greetings, Vishal and Jim and thank you for talking time out to speak to us. Firstly tell us a little bit about your latest album ‘ The Quantum hack code’.

Vishal : Thank you, Kaushik. We are honored. Just wanted to let you guys know that I am already a huge fan of Eclectic Vibes and Blot. When Ashwin(Manager) told me that you guys are going to do an interview with us, I was jumping around like a kid due to excitement. Laaz lagi goise.

Jim : TQHC is a concept album, a movie without the movie.It was done all throughout 2010.I did not know what I was getting into when I said I wanted to join AS instead of doing a “project.”   The learning/recording process was grueling.There was literally no point of reference to go from, and creating usable drums was very difficult. I did many versions, always looking for the perfect interpretation.Sometimes it was done a few months before, and since I was so wrapped up in all the tunes I did not realize it!  

Blot:: For Vishal - How is ‘The Quantum Hack Code’ different from ‘Abolishing The Obsolete System’?

Vishal : Abolishing The Obsolete System and The Quantum Hack Code are two parts of one sequel. But yes, there are differences in these two albums. The previous album was more silent. The new album is slightly matured or say grown-up than ATOS. Instrumentation, arrangement, production are different. Concept story is more deep and little darker. Basically, it’s all about a mind’s thinking abilities. Plus, the biggest difference is that TQHC has narrations in it. Kudos to Chela Harper for her great job in the narration. She is not just an amazing vocalist, composer and multi-instrumentalist but also a great narrator.

Blot:: Tell us more about the concept of the album.  

Vishal : It’s about the existence of an advanced Internet world called Q-Web invented by a human called Daniel Dvorzhetskii. Biohazards, complete damage of Ozone layer and Global temperature warming made the atmosphere of Earth impossible for living creatures to exist. The purpose of making the Q-Web was to preserve the memory existence inside every human being on earth. It’s like a fake/cybernetic state of a human brain and body in “Samadhi”. Artificial Intelligence known as The Mainframe dominated the human-race and it was a perfect atmosphere for them to survive. But because they were machines, they needed to put a “living human” memory inside their chip. The Q-Web was under Mainframe. They preserved the human bodies in dormant state inside the chambers connected to vitalators to feed and save from Biological damage. Dvorzhetskii prophesized about the existence of a hack code name but he never revealed it. His DNA sample and memory couldn’t be saved before his death. Because he was feeling guilty for making the Q-Web. Now because a human mind is too complicated to put on the graph, the infection started occurring in the Q-Web. The corrupt human memories acted as viruses. Mainframe had some of the best “superhuman” memories and DNA’s saved in the Anti-Virus Defense Vault. It all started with the story of two brothers Osir and Karna whose memories and DNA’s were saved in the Vault by the Mainframe. Mainframe activates Anti-virus program Osiris 1 who was Osir in his physical existence. Osiris 1 started absorbing the corrupt programs and spreads the infection in the Q-Web and hence tries to take the full control over the web and other memories. On the other side, Mainframe activated another Anti-virus program X-Karna(who was Osir’s brother Karna in his physical existence) for Vectorscan against the contamination and Osiris 1. Mainframe didn’t realize that Dvorzhetskii’s prophecy became true. The code was “Karnosiris”.

In short, the concept is about how a human mind survives. It’s just like an integer table. Considering Zero as equilibrium and neutrality, Positive integers as good nature and Negative integers as bad nature, Mankind’s future is existing on a table. The concept or hope of “evil should die” or “a world of equality, love and happiness and World peace” is something that will never help humanity to survive in the future. It’s as simple as food chain. The good nature and the bad nature cannot exist without each other. The only way to get out of this realm is – 1. Choose your negative side. 2.Choose your positive side or 3. Choose the neutral side. This nature of human mind is something that no machine or computer can put on any graph. Every human brain is based on this concept but it’s just about self-realization and focus in thoughts. Some of us understood it. Some are still clueless.

Blot:: Jim being in the US and Vishal being in India- how do things work out for the band? How do you guys Jam, record and compose? And how often do you do it?

Jim : We have yet to “jam” in a conventional sense.He has never broken down any section of music for me.   I must do it myself.  Lol.Vishal is composer, I am the catalyst.We have a synergy that goes on thru our recording, and sending files back and forth.I recorded over several months, and had to make sure my drum heads were not shot.I went thru several sets of heads.After listening to basic arrangements, I would record every night for a week or two.   Send V drum parts, get back re arranged versions, do some takes and that’s it.Then do another song and another and another etc...

Blot::Do you guys plan to get out of the studios and play gigs as well?

Jim : Yes.I think playing some gigs in this band is very important.I imagine the first gigs would be in India.   It all depends on selling CDs to finance the travel arrangements.Also setting up some shows.  I think the first gig will be in someone’s basement around Mumbai.Maybe we will do a basement tour.  I would be happy with that. And yes, we would love to tour the beautiful north-east region of India including Guwahati and Shillong. I have never been to India. I would love to.

Blot:: This is your space .Go blab!  

Jim : We will be having a new website up soon.  Right now it’s pointed to our record label.Look forward for some sick videos!!!That is in the works.Also, there is a top secret track that will be out in a couple of months.Could there be another member of Amogh Symphony?Will society survive and see the sun come out again, and breathe the air?   We’ll see.

Vishal : Thanks for this interview, Kaushik and Eclectic Vibes. This is my and Jim’s first interview with the best Magazine from my homeland Assam. Mur khube bhaal lagise aru soboke dhonyobaad jonaisu J.The CD’s will be available in Guwahati for all the fans and friends in North-East. Thanks for being supportive and yes we are coming up with more stuff for you guys. 

Joi Aai Axom. 


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