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Undying Inc

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Endurance is a much desired, however rarely found – an attribute in bands today. Most of those who do stick out for longer than a few years end up reworking their material and either sound decayed or insipid.  That is however, not the case with Metal biggies Undying Inc. Having been around for almost a decade now, Undying Inc have come a long way since their inception.  Ever perseverant with a firm focus on their lyrical course and sonic temperament, Undying Inc is without the shadow of a doubt- one of the most sought after bands in the Indian Metal fraternity today.

Having formed in 2004, the band has gone through its fair share of line-up changes. In 2007, their original line-up took to pieces when vocalist Amitabh and Drummer Sangeet left due to personal commitments. With that, nonetheless- Undying Inc version 2 saw a completely changed band- with drummer Yuvraj and Vocalist Shashank: a brutal, precise and angry slab of technical perfection . The entire sound of the band underwent drastic changes and with the unveiling of the new line-up the band managed to rework itself into a grotesque new form. Before this change – the band had nevertheless, already released an album (Preface to Erase- 2006) and an E.p (Existence Failed- 2005)- one which saw the boys decimate the not-so-existent scene back then, with their livid and extreme sound . “During that time there weren’t many avenues open for independent releases so we released the album via our (now defunct) home label Undead Noise. The album did fairly well for us and was primarily in the vein of old school thrash / death. With 7 tracks, it is an honest representation of where the band was at that point of time.” quotes bassist Reuben.‘To create something that cannot be destroyed’ that is what Undying Inc are made out of. An eclectic bunch of musicians with assorted tastes in music, coming together and creating some of the most mind-boggling tunes this side of the planet.  Kaushik Barua in conversation with Guitarist Biswarup Gupta (More popularly known as ‘Biz’) about their new album Aggressive World Dynasty and much more.

Starting with the inevitable cliché, how did Undying Inc. happen?

Well, back in 2003-2004 I decided to play music in a band. I could play few chords ..oh yeah some power chords too. Then I asked my childhood friend Reuben to play the Bass Guitar. We started learning some Pantera and Sepultura tunes without using tabs or whattever. We have great ears you know. Then our next step was to get a vocalist so we asked Reuben's cousin Amitabh to sing. We had so much trouble looking for a drummer. Then after months of searching and also going through few drummers, we met Sangeet through a common friend. I took the name Undying from a computer horror game by Clive Barker called "Undying".We added INC after a couple of months when we found out about a hardcore band from the US also called Undying. That's it .Undying Inc was formed.

What has been the overall response to your new album ‘Aggressive World Dynasty’? Do you think the band achieved what it wanted to with the new album?

So far the album has done pretty good. We are trying to send it across to as many places as we can in India and abroad. And we are pretty glad that people are actually listening to our stuff and appreciating it.We didnt get any bad reviews so far, so I guess that a positive thing.Since day 1 we knew what we wanted to sound like on the album and we are super glad that we achieved that with whatever we had at Grey Studio and making the music that we could as musicians at that point of time.
Thanks to Keshav Dhar and Anupam Roy for their efforts in the studio.

Who else was involved in the making of the album, besides the band, any noteworthy collaborations or experiments?

Like I said Anupam Roy and Keshav Dhar are the ones who made this album possible and giving us the sound that we wanted.

Any particular reason why the band is no more in a pact with G&S? Do you think being self-managed as a band is a better option in general?

There's no particular reason why we are not with G&S .Sometimes things don't work out . I don't know about other bands but at the moment being self-managed is working best for us. DIY man.

Random question: Your bassist Reuben just got married- does that in anyway change things for the band?

Crazy question!. Would it make a difference to his work, his food habits, his passion, things that he wanted to do when he was in school. Hell No. Nothing changes for the band. The four of us will still raise hell with our live gigs and future albums , as Stone cold says.. "Come Hell, High Water or Cold Fucking Beer". Cheers to that.

Tell us a little more about your sound. How it’s evolved over the years and how you guys like to classify it in terms of a genre.

Our sound has changed from Preface To Erase to Aggressive World Dynasty. Well I guess the addition of Shashank and Yuvraj made a difference.It became easier for me to compose stuff with Yuvraj on board, cause he understood where I came from.I like to compose with no boundaries man. I like the idea of going crazy on the fretboard. And not worry about what's theoritically right or about the time signatures etc. There has to be a groove in the music. With this lineup We are able to do that exactly.Our music is simply "heavy metal"  at the end of the day. All the genres of "this core" and "that core" dont make any sense to me.Call us a heavy metal band and that will put a smile on my face.

You guys have reaped a reputation for being tremendously tight and heavy on-stage. Can you tell us how you manage to nail every show you play? How often do you guys practice?

Ah I am glad we are able to do that. Luckily we get about 5-6 practice sessions a month since all of us in the band have a day job. But obviously we do our homework before going to the jam-pad. Sometimes we go for months without any practice ,but that doesnt mean we are not playing individually at home. So far we have managed to do what we do with that much practice. We will increase the frequency of practice if need be.



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