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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Musically, “Zokova” is a tightly connected concept album that effortlessly and seamlessly flows throughout by using both contrasting movements and repeating themes.

What holds the entire project together (including the arguably filler tracks to round out the main musical pieces) is the expertise level of musicianship that Ritwik De possesses. The result of these kinds of abilities not only transforms mere sounds into impressive music, but evokes  a wide range of emotional reactions that adds to the listening experience as well - from uneasy and moody to trippy, eerie, spacey, and other-worldly. The first track- a perfect illustration of that with its peaceful lull led by a synthesized guitar line.
What saves ‘Zokova’ from flying too far out of reach is the number of songs of simple construction that succeeds in hooking the listener with main choruses that resonates in the ear afterwards, including possible best track “Who am I” with its finale type feel - possibly the most engaging song with its Satriani-style solo, muffled bass line in the intro, and spacey drum segments. Even “track 7”, with it’s obvious and possibly intentional echoing of Coldplay’s “Fix you” proves it’s strength with it’s reverberating bass line, powerful execution, and ‘love-on-my-sleeve’ acoustic strumming of which the main theme is delivered by.

The only legitimate criticism that can be made of “Zokova” can someday be it’s greatest aspect - that its an album of considerable genius by default due to the complex nature of the overall concept. However, if one were to just sit back and let the music of “Zokova” be the guide, Ritwik De will deliver in providing a most wonderful journey. Nonetheless, it is one of the most creative and amazing post rock albums to have come out in 2010- only an ounce short of being Epic.


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