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Street Stories

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


How the band was formed?

Pezo: My passion for music came from when I was younger; it was something that my very own brother Riko and I’ve always wanted… it all began as we frequented Shillong Baptist Church… we volunteered ourselves for the Praise and Worship team and that’s where we found our drummer, since then we started playing together as the Praise and Worship team of Shillong Baptist Church and discovered each other’s passion for music and we officially formed the band Street Stories on the outset of this year’s winter that is  January, 2010.

Riko: Music was one of the prominent factor that united Pezo and I as brothers. Music is in our blood and I guess it’s our instinct and we followed it. We wanted to take our passion for music to the next level and that’s where we decided to form the band.

Matsram: well yeah… Pezo and I were in the same school so I was acquainted with Pezo and Riko right from my school days and I was quite aware of the fact that these guys share the same passion for music.  It all began when I was playing for the Praise and Worship team in our Church. So I guess they finally realized the fact that I was pretty good enough to be in their band so they sign me in and here I am with the two words that best described me ‘The Drummer’… (Laughs) not being proud though!


The music that we have , what we play was something that was not intentional. We had no such thoughts of creating a different genre but I guess it’s mainly rock and roll oriented with a fusion of punk, pop, indie, rock and a bit of blues. We all brought in together our variant taste and musical backgrounds. Personally, speaking I grew up listening to Punk Rock so our music has a lot of punk influences here and there  and just  the name of our band itself was taken from a  Blink 182 poster which has a collaged background of the words ‘Street Stories’ written on it.


Pezo: As the band we don’t really have a specific ideology but I guess through our songs we are trying to reflect what we have to say about life. All the happenings around us in terms of all different level of realities of life inspired and motivated our lyrics.

Riko: Yeah… for example our song ‘On the Line’ is all about second chance that life offers. It’s never too late to get back from where you have fallen. Much of what happens on this world is bad and disappointing but I guess life still remains beautiful and it’s worth living because life offers us choice. Choices to either give up or grow up and move on. We have songs like ‘Senseless concentration’ where we depicted the feelings of alienation or an absence of belonging but it has a touch of optimism infused in it though it doesn’t surface up. There is always a place where we can call home, ‘home’ not as in literal sense but a symbolism of a place where we can all belong. Life can always be redeemed and made new. So to sum up, our optimistic attitude towards life is what we are trying to portray through our songs. Other than that we have songs like ‘6 string songs’ and ‘High distorted trip’ that are based on how music induces or control our emotion. It’s more or less an explanations of adrenaline rush that we feel every time we performed or play music.

What the band is all about?

Pezo: As a band it’s all about experimenting with music. It’s something that I’m passionate about and it’s something that I don’t want to stop. Music has given me identity and has guided my emotion to great extend. I’m passionately in love with music like a passionate young lover can be.

Matsram: Our love for music has bonded us and we’re doing it not out of mere pleasure or for our want of fame but our motives is solely based on our love and respect for music.

Riko: Personally for me being in this band is all about playing music and having fun. I’m glad and proud enough to know that I have something to call or claim that it’s ‘My very own’. As a band we have always wanted to create the kind of music that reflects who we are and what we’ve got to say and that’s exactly what we are doing and still be doing.

How the music has been received?

Pezo: The uniqueness of our music has contributed much to our band as it has made it more appealing for the people who seek a new taste in music. Our music cannot be limited to just one genre. It’s a mix of everything from punk-indie-rock -pop and a bit of blues. We think it’s a bold step that we took to experiment with such music because the scene here is metal dominated but  fortunately it was all worth it and as far as I’m informed all the feedbacks and comments were positive and the people out there appreciated and loved our music.

Why cover ‘Poker Face’?

Riko: One of our focus at that point of time was to grab the attention of the people and Poker Face was a celebrated piece and basically what we tried doing was to experiment with the song and infuse in it our style or genre of music.

Pezo: Lady Gaga is great and we love her. I go gaga over Gaga… (Laughs)

Further Plans?

Pezo: Write more songs, be more innovative in our approach towards music, do more show all over India… so far we don’t feel the need of releasing an album so the good news to our fans out there is that our music comes without a price tag…

Riko: for now… (Laughs)… well, yeah… right we’re still working out on some new materials. More surprises coming up. So watch out!


Pezo: As a band we’re fortunate enough to be who we are and where we are right now. I thank God for that, and I thank our fans and friends for their constant support.

Matsram: Yeah…we had our ups and downs but the journey so far has been amazing and we’ve got a long way to go as we are still in what we call ‘The Nascent Stage’.

Riko: Well… as a band we have evolved a lot over a few months and yeah we still have lots of growing up to do. So fans out there keep supporting us.

Photo Credits: Elyon Blah

Fan Artwork: Ning Ben Ezra


dhanraj doley said...

Kickass band they are. One of the best live performance band from N.E. :)

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