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Plague Throat

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

These Grindcore/Death metal-revival flagbearers have been kicking about the mean streets of the north since the beginning of 2006 and have really hit the ground running this year.
With influences as diverse as “Cannibal Corpse” and “Death” cited on their Myspace page, this is a band who take their jobs very seriously and have that most vital of qualities: In your face attitude – and No, they do not shit you with holier-than-thou wisdom.  One who listens to the surging madness of their latest single, `Present Chaos`, will tell you all you need to know about PT: (Somehow it gives me visions of-A boiling, sweaty practice room, with earsplitting guitars pulverizing through shoulder-height valve amps, head-thumping drums, and a singer burning with energy.)
When the shillong based trio are on stage- you can hear the hunger gurgling away in their performance, the chugging riffs and quiet-loud dynamics harking back to a golden era of Death Metal, when Cannibal Corpse ruled the world from its tiny base in Buffalo(not that-They don’t now!). Think Dying fetus, early Nirvana, or Soundgarden Bass lines with Celtic Frost-esque song-structures. Check out the undulating Core drone of `Life’s a Bitch`, the catchiest, most awesome slice of extreme metal since Mark Burney penned `You suffer`.(Is that saying a bit too much?)


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