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Owl city

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Owl city is like my childhood.

I never lost euphoria. Neither does the one man genius behind Owl City’s extremely naïve power-poppish sound.

Adam Young is almost in a bubble travelling through the universe without bursting out of his fears and his extremely butterscotch-flavored take on life. It’s not that easy you know- being a 30 year old and acting half that age. He’s brought in this amazing element into the normal la-la-la-la chart-topper- one which I think Mika totally overdid with his hit ‘Life in Cartoon Motion’. 

I first heard Owl city at a Neha’s place and as we read through the lyrics- she couldn’t help but shout out “Awww. …Shoo CUTE!”. Yes, I agree. The songs are cute. Like I said- it reminds me- in many ways- how much of a brat I was. Neha’s rapture and my bipolar nature got me really ecstatic that evening-so much so that I went back home and dug all of my favorite video-game cassettes out of the closet that day.

For those who like their music epigrammatic and dim-witted-effortless Fireflies can be plenty of fun- I swear, I say this out of personal experience. Unsurprisingly, OC’s best tracks, such as the shouty opener "Vanilla Twilight", rumble past soothing snips iced in with very blatant and tongue-in-cheek song structures. 

They experiment with a lot of synth and that is one thing I absolutely love about their sound. Theirs is a sound that would have done wonders in the Vengaboys’ generation –but that is irrelevant and beyond the scope of this article.

In case you’re wondering who Neha is- I’m not paid to tell you that. 


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