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One on one: De Profundis.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Can you tell us how De Profundis started?

Hey Guys! In 2005 Roman (guitars) answered an advert I’d placed on the internet and we decided that we would start something completely new. I brought a drummer friend and Roman brought another guitarist, and we found a bassist from Oxford, which completed the first De Profundis line up. That didn’t last too long though- we’ve had various line-up changes throughout the years.

And this is the fifth incarnation of the band? Has that affected the band in a way?

Well, I wouldn’t know – if it’d be correct to call this the fifth ‘incarnation’. But yeah, we’ve changed five drummers since we started out. (Laughs) Y’know the thing about this is- where we come from- we have lots of musicians but mainly guitar-players. When we lost our drummer- it was really hard to find a replacement. This had, in a way, affected the band and its progress- to a large extent. Then again, I have to say that we’ve been extremely lucky in that case as well. Time and again- We’ve managed to find people who’ve played stuff we exactly wanted them to play. However, when Nick came in, the band- for the first time- cut loose. We started writing the stuff that was in our head- with him we achieved a new level of freedom.

What is the meaning behind the band’s name?

‘De Profundis’ is a latin phrase which means ‘From the Depth’. It kind-of could mean anything actually. From the Depths of what? You’re not really sure! But we like the fact that there’s no specific meaning to this- because that way, we think people aren’t expecting a specific sound from us as well.

Tell us about your pact with G&S.

We got in touch with Grey and Saurian almost a year ago after we did a gig with Iron Maiden in Bangalore. We’ve worked with them ever since. They’ve helped us to a great extent in making this tour possible. There is a lot of demand for metal in India. But it’s really hard getting gigs- specially a good stage. Luckily, Both Anupam Roy and Shashwat Gupta have helped us out with that bit.

Tell us about your frequent tours to India. What makes you come here so often.

Has to be the music and the culture, man! It’s our first time in the North-east, btw. Also, another reason why we’re so connected is that we have very good distribution in India- most music outlets have our cds thanks to Sony Music.

Yeah, let’s talk about that too. About your pact with Sony.

Sony saw us last year when we played at Rock in India alongside Iron Maiden. They were quite impressed. They wanted to get us on board. They heard our album and showed interest in signing us and in distributing our music…

The fact that you guys all stay in London but belong to different countries. Does that in a way contribute to your sound?

Yeah, It does actually. If you’ve noticed- we’re not only from different countries- but also from different age groups. Hence, despite Metal being the common influence we all have different tastes and preferences seeping in through our respective instruments. Which is why, when you listen to our music you’ll get to hear a lot of extreme stuff and at the same time a lot of calm fill-ins as well. It’s basically about how variedly we’re influenced.

Do you guys have any ideologies as a band?

Well, we don’t really speak about any ideologies in our music. We’re kind –of against any of that. The Lyrics that we write are about how we feel or how somebody would feel in a specific situation. Some of the stuff is autobiographical and some very general- but when it comes to ideologies- we don’t push any agendas.

Moving on, tell us about your new album – ‘A Bleak Reflection’. That’s why you’re doing this tour, right?

Yeah, we recorded this album in May. Compared to our previous album- this one’s a lot more natural sounding, a lot more evolved, a lot more complex. There’s a lot of stuff happening. It’s avery long record as well. It’s almost 70 minutes. The music here is also a little hard to digest after just one listen. I really think we’ve created something that takes a effort from the listener’s side as well. Another thing we really like to profess with this album is the fact that we are just being a metal band here- not doom, not black. We have so much happening in each song that it’s really hard to typecast ourselves into one genre.

Tell us about the song-writing procedures that went into this album.

Our songs are generally quite long. Almost about 8 minutes, in general. There’s a lot happening. I think all of us believe in taking the listener into a musical journey. We’ve taken different moods. We’ve contrasted different sections. We’ve tried to develop different themes and melodies. Our approach to songwriting is closer to Prog-rock and Classical Music on this one.

Any Indian bands that might have grabbed your attention?

Yeah, we’re actually quite familiar with bands from India. The Guys from Kryptos- they’re very cool. We’ve played with Escher’s Knot twice. Loads of them, actually! Can’t name a few.

What’s your take on the Metal Scene- Globally? How do you guys keep pace with it?

Well, it’s really hard to talk about such things. You never know what’s in- what’s out. But the thing with us is that we do what we love to do- not what’s popular.

Tell us about the De Profundis Success Recipe.

Well! We wish there was a recipe as such. We’ll tell you what we exactly do- As a band it’s either us practicing- Rehearsing individually or promoting the band. Another very key component for a Metal band is to really kick it live- because that’s what these metal fans want. They don’t want a band that stands there looking at their shoes. We always want to get as sweaty as those bands out there. And that ‘s the kind of policy we’ve always followed.


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