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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

If metal harmonies, Fear-Factory-esque breakdowns, Assamese squawks and religion-based lyrical doodles are your preference when it comes to music, Elektrokore could just be your archetypal performance benign band. A fuse of meticulously and moody sounds that are suavely crooned the metal way-Elektrokore brings tooth-paste fresh soundscapes drenched in experimentalism in the way the American Head Charge approach their music along with a long list of other influences manipulated by the powers of Union Underground and Powerman 5000’s music. Their otherwise distinctive sound also emits similar vibes to that of their fellow countrymen ‘Frequency’, but with a much more deeper and a seemingly effortless purr. Their deceptively sparse yet, incredibly infectious beats add a certain post modern sensibility to their sound that makes listening to their music an experience that must be indulged in. If you took the aforementioned Frequency’ vocal production, rough edged guitar work, Issues-era Korn smooth imagery and some Rammstein-esque grooves, you’ve got the heady cocktail of Elektrokore’s sound.
The frenzied hype that environs them is as immense as the talent they possess. There is an excitement element with Elektrokore- eccentricity bleeds from their music, and they have a bizarre concoction that just works. Theirs is a concept that is Chaotic and scatty-but one that culminates into perfectly arranged and sharply filtered maneuvers. Very often- Their music contradicts itself, providing end results that mystify. They are as bewildering as they are sublime. Very often, it’s their fresh sounding Electro-experimentation that lightens the day, puts the breeze in your window, the music to your party.
Idiosyncratic, but knowing their own barriers due to them not being particularly exquisite showmen, they have built a look, making Axl iconic in a Strummer-like fashion in his facade. They are of few words, indecipherable some may say. Their hype is understandable through, their angst-shielded melodies of yesteryear, if not obvious but beautiful. They strive to revive old-school grace and rebelliousness back into their guitars if not through shimmering bass lines. The Flaming skull Podcast E-zine describes them as the Pioneers of Nu-age Music in NE India. With Keng’s vocals telling tales of the treacheries that come with life on the streets of Guwahati- Elektrokore can sometimes sound (Lyrically) like Soulfly being backed by Mick Thomson’s magnum opuses.

You can’t deny there is personality in this group and this streams through with their onslaught of calamity guitars and damning percussion. For now, the band is having fun tweaking and testing Reason and Fruity Loops while at work on their debut album that is scheduled for release in the month of July. However, their sound, which right now is untamed, may have to tighten somewhat, if they are to garner anymore fans outside of their already, underground following. The ability to transport a listener to another setting or subconscious is a talent within itself, but Elektrokore’s ability to do it is so subtle- you’ll be forced to think you’ve been sleepwalking.

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