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Lady Antebellum

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I’ve never been an avid Country fan- but what antebellum does is what the undersigned has looked for in artists like Luke Brian and Carrie Underwood- hoping that he’d see some charm in the genre. It’s always been like the first conversation with the Blonde from High school- she appears like she’s your dream and once she starts talking- it turns out to be your nightmare.

Country was the ‘dream’- as I love to call it- when artists like Kenny Rogers and John Denver serenaded it. But when I heard Nonsense like “Back to Tennessee” by Billie Ray Cyrus- I swear I lost all hope. That was just one really bad song. The melody seemed to be stuck with the same few notes, and the minor key gave the song a real downer of a feel. 

All that Aside- Antebellum are doing a great job. Their music is very slow paced and tightly structured. I recently watched a few of their live performances on YouTube-which is where I found that they need a little work on their stage act. But then- country’s never been about the act- has it. It’s always been about the feel- and keeping that in mind, I can safely say- we have a winner this time!


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