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Justin Bieber

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

  Ladies and gentlemen!

We have the new generation Justin Timberlake in the making- Justin Bieber.( What’s with the “Justin-ness” everybody???) seriously though- he’s so much like Timberlake from his hey-days. Everything from his song-writing to his stage act includes that “I-wear-my-heart-on-my-sleeve” attitude- one which Timberlake exemplified mostly during the N-sync era.

It’s always about the girls –you know: The central theme of song-writing. The girl has a beautiful smile. He’s stuck in a moment with her. He needs somebody to love. And he never wants to let her go. Ah! Cut the crap!

Don’t get me wrong- ‘Love’ is a beautiful thing-but it’s not all that cool when a kid who’s not even attained puberty tries to act like he’s dated half the women in the world.  He’s got a really cool voice- I mean if he wanted to, he could’ve done something much better with it. We have enough artists trying to act lover-boy. What we don’t have- is an artist who’s got the sentiment to do it. Bieber is a young guy- he still has a long way to go with regards all of that. No offence to his fans, but he really misses the finesse for now.  I’m sure that’ll come with age though. ( Ok, maybe I’m trying to act older than I really am! )


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