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Jake Bowen : Periphery.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Greetings from Blot and Eclectic Vibes. Tell us a little about your band and your music.

I'm Jake and I play guitar in a progressive metal band called Periphery.

 You guys are presently on tour. How have you guys been received on the road? Is this your first Major tour as a band?

It's been pretty good everywhere so far, it depends on the turn out. We've been on the road since last summer so this isn't our first tour but we're still green and learning.

You have recently been signed on to giants Sumerian Records. Give us an insight into the process and what this means for ‘Periphery’.

Well there's a lot of negotiating, compromises, but we get it all on paper and we sign. Periphery signing to a label just means another avenue of support for us. To grow as a band you have to be supported by those around you, being on Sumerian helps with that.

 Now that you’ve been signed on to a big label, is there anyone in particular you would like to work with in terms of production etc. and why?

There's a few people we might be interested in, but we're pretty content with how we do things ourselves.

Besides the deal with Sumerian, what has been the crowning achievement of your career?

Releasing the album. We've had so many setbacks as a band and recording our first album. We are very lucky to be witnessing the growth of our fan base by having a successful first release.

What are your goals as a band?

To make a comfortable living touring and writing music, that's the big one.

‘Making a buck’ or ‘Metal for Masses’? (Piracy or NO Piracy)?

I always believed the music should be free and you support the band by coming to the shows and wearing the shirts. It makes the relationship between fan and band much more personal. I know the record companies don't agree with this answer but I'd rather someone download the record and hear the music rather than not at all because they didn't want to pay for it.

Any Indian bands that you might have heard of and liked?

Unfortunately, I haven't heard any metal bands from India.

 Any last words for your fans in India?

Hopefully we can tour India soon! Keep supporting!


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