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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

If you haven’t heard of this Guwahati based sextet yet, your life- for obvious reasons- hasn’t been half as eventful as mine. Take my advice- leave your cave and take your hands off your ears. Axis is a quintessential, back-to-basics Rock’ n’roll band, armed with a host of singles – ones which I, personally, favor listening to live- than on tape. Riotous with teenage hormones, they are an olive branch to pub-goers, smeared with fun-filled songs and bluesy stabs. Axis’s ability to regress into melodic blues tunes, and then shift the pace majestically back into hard-rock/classic rock blends their tastes and sound profoundly. Unlike most others in the scene today, Boredom isn’t in the equation with this band; they have an ability to keep you on tender hooks throughout their wickedly rampaging sets and absurdly brilliant act. This one’s a band you should definitely watch live and tell all your friends about.


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