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Adam Lambert

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Adam Lambert reminds me of Culture Club’s mush and Franky goes to hollywood’s  power soundwise. He’s very un-raw and has a very distinct pop-sensibility. And while a lot of pop in today’s  scene of ‘I kissed a girl’ dominance  simply builds upon a catchy chorus and a technology driven hook, Adam Lambert celebrates every moment in his music, making each song feel like it’s a sea wave- slow and pervasive.
Adam uses a lot atmospheric backgrounds, blips, maneuvers, keys and synthsized percussion in his tasteful arrangements that  can slowly grow on you- one that I personally am not a big fan of!( I mean, c’mon! I’ve heard noisy shit all my life- I can’t sway to funny lyrics like “wohoooo! I’m here for your entertainment!” )

But then, there’s something funnily interesting about his music-once in a while.  His voice has this emblematic – flavor- one which reminds me of Adam Levine’s early performances- when Maroon 5 was a not-so- dominant band back in the day. He can make people sway to the funniest things on the planet and make it look like it’s the smartest thing ever.

 All the girls dig him. Half of the teenage boy-ship in the U.S dresses, acts and talks like him. He’s almost ALWAYS on the Billboard charts and plus my sister loves him- so much so that she ripped off MY Metallica poster because she wanted this pansy guy to be on the wall instead of four “long-haired ghosts” as she describes them. (aaaarggghhh- I can’t take this anymore!)
Duty has it- I HAVE   to put forth an unbiased opinion- He’s good. 

Go check his music out now!


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