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Freddy's Nightmare

Monday, July 19, 2010

Take a morsel of Lenny Kravitz add a dash of Jet, throw in some steamy Arctic Monkeys, some very razor-sharp rock and roll melodies, put it in a grinder and serve hot with sprinkles of Snow Patrol. Welcome to the sound of Freddy’s Nightmare.
 Although a fairly old band, Freddy’s Nightmare from Aizawl has always remained truly underground. The whole concept of the band is to collectively mince into a singular sound, all the influences of the individual members which include everything from the likes of the funk-ridden RHCP to the bluesy-popsy Mr. Big. It is also fascinating to note that FN considers RATM as one of their primary influence (which is why most songs on their myspace page sound vehemently driven by Tim Commerford’s style and technique of playing- although they belong to a completely different sphere of sound.)


Anonymous said...

i really love fn and wishes 'em the very best in life and even after death!i really do.guys rock on,rock harder and better!

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