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D'luzion- New Kids on the block.

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Review on their new album:

‘All over again’ starts with a peppy alt-punk title track, one that’s so foot-tappingly amusing, you know you’re in for a treat at the outset. And without the shadow of a doubt, this one year old alt-rock quartet has more than just a few choruses to amuse you- The tones are superb!!!(Ok...I think there’s a better way of saying that- ABSOLUTELY SUPERB!!!) So much so, that in most parts of the record the band comes close to sounding like Simple plan and the ilk (I’m not exaggerating… They actually ARE that good!!!). The riffs are sharp and flawless, ones which bleakly remind me of Delhi-based alt-metal outfit- Cyanide’s first demo. Himon’s vocals are clear and finely mastered- courtesy of LR brothers Amitabh and Siddharth Barooa. Quite a number of mind-boggling elements put together for a debut album- I must say and I’m damn sure they have many more to come! Hallelujah!!!                                                                             

Young minions D’luzion have been making rounds of the circuit for almost a year now and have steadily reaped a standing for their Eerie Alt-punk sound and their perky stage act. Signed on to UM Pro records, the band’s dogma branches from the fact that they’re complete NON-Junkies who believe in making music for expression rather than impression, which we think is a pristine new approach to begin with, especially in our scene of poser-ridden music today.

Sturdy and fuzzily addictive, the bands’ songs are distinctive trials towards breaking the ennui of complex song build-ups and irrational instrumentation techniques. Frontman Himon explains- “Actually, we’d love to play anything- for we still have a lot to learn. But since the simple stuff connects to everyone, we’re kind-of inclined towards it right now!!!” Such splendid approach at such a nascent age is an admirable demeanor- one which also holds testament to the band’s persistence, stability and fervor for its many years to come.

‘Life’, at large, is a huge influence on their music and it unleashes greatly in their Lyrics and Vocal deliveries. Their lyrics mostly revolve around love, normal day experiences and memories- topics that are more often associated with Indie bands.

Another remarkable element in their music is the honesty with which the band fleshes out its originals. It’s almost strange, if not- astonishing- how the band manages to sweep the listener away into their own world with no on-stage gimmicks or added visual edges. With them around, I’m very sure we won’t have to complain about the lack of Candor in musicians any time sooner.
A Jolly-great time, is what I would say D’luzion means to me. They’re a band that’s not only fun to hear and watch- but one that proves to the world that true talent is not barred by Age or Experience. Hallelujah!


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