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Amogh Symphony

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Amogh Symphony, in four simple words, is without a doubt the perfect example of a ‘ONE MAN KILL MACHINE’. After the release of the Ashwamedh E.p, Vishal J. Singh’s popularity has known no bounds owing to his strong online presence, in specific- the large number of clicks that Amogh symphony’s infamous Myspace page gets EVERYDAY.
Abolishing the Obsolete System, his second studio offering is an instrumental extreme metal album that rotates between very aggressive and more technical elements to some very nice atmospherics. A few of the tracks have some jazz pinches and we also get some very interesting electronica touches on a couple of tracks. Plus, there’s even some "Indian" ethnic vocals/sounds added here and there. The opening track on my download Intro: Opus after Genocide is a beautiful symphonic number, one which reverberates in my mind even though it’s been over a week since I last heard the album.

Vishaljit brought in a guest death metal vocalist for the song Swallowing the Infected Sun(the depiction of the same is found on the album cover). However, the vocals on this track are a bit too inconsistent.

Highly recommended for folks who enjoy progressive and death metal.


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