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Eclectic Vibes and Blot! do a One on one with Bhayanak Maut!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

With just the right jumble of polyrhythmic attacks and brutal-melodic Know-how, BM are being talked about in whispered tones all over the world. Hailing from Aamchi ‘Metchul’ Mumbai, this six-piece metal outfit incorporates fierce polymetric timings with Insane-raw vocals and powerful riffing techniques to concoct their own style of Hard-nosed (straight-up-your-ass!) metal. This killer sextet has played shows across the country with the likes of ‘Undying Inc.’ and the very well-known ‘Joint Family’ and is also looking at laying waste to any new venues that they come across. The semi-layered tunes serve as a fresh approach to the small world of ‘Indian’ Extreme metal. With a bit of ‘LOG’ and ‘Black Dahlia Muder’ thrown in for good measure, the band’s sound is a maelstrom of off kilter riffs, interspersed with crushing melodies and a varied drum attack. Dear Headbanger, Get your hands and your dreams wet with this special interview with the fairly old kids on the Indian ‘Metal’ block.

Give me a brief history of the band.
Venky: Bhayanak Maut was formed seven years back. Initially, we were just a five piece metal band with Vinay on vocals, Aditya and me on guitars, Rahul on the drums and Vinit on bass. Later, we were joined by Sunny on Vocals and Jai Row Kavi(of PDV fame) on the drums replacing Rahul who’s temporarily gone abroad for further studies.

In one of your earlier interviews, Rahul had mentioned something about a concept called E-jamming. Tell us about it…
Aditya: Yeah, we mostly record stuff on computers and send it across to all of the members. Then, the rest of us come up with new ideas. We record them, exchange them with each other and eventually, come up with new material. Hence, the term E-Jamming! (laughs) Last album, we did most of our music that way. However, we aren’t doing it this time around. Less work will be done on the net. (Yes, they have another album coming up already!!!)

How much do you practice as a band?
Aditya: Once or twice a week.

And about your Band name. Why do you call yourselves ‘Bhayanak Maut’? Why not anything else?
Venky: Forty years from now, when you’ll be on your dying bed, would you remember ‘Anything Else’ or ‘Bhayanak Maut’?!?

Does the name have anything to do with a fascination for ‘Rajkumar’ Movies?

Venky: We realized that later!!! We didn’t know that there was a movie with such a name. When we found out, we were just like: “Fine! We’ll just say we were inspired by it. Who cares! :D”.

You won best metal album for 2009 in and JD rock awards. You were also featured on the planet metal cd. Is BOOST the secret of your energy?
Venky: We don’t give a Rats-ass about the JD rock awards. We just went there for the Booze. What we’re really proud of is the planet metal cd. To be one of the first Indian bands to be featured on the cd along with Undying Inc. comforts us with the fact that our music will now be accessible to a crowd all over the world, thanks to Metal-hammer magazine.

Could you talk us through the evolution of your debut cd ‘All hell is people’ to the release of your latest studio effort?
Venky: In comparison to our previous work, the new album is a lot more intense and has a lot of variety even though our songs have become shorter in comparison to the Malignant(EP) that we released under Demonstealer Records. Also, Sunny has played a crucial role in this diversification. We’ve become more faster and brutal both musically and otherwise(Laughs!).
More on the album:-
About Grey and Saurian…
Venky: when we made our first album, me and Baba(Vinay) tried to do it as a side project along with our jobs. Once we got down to business. We realized that making an album without a label is practically impossible. G&S has helped us with this regards. They’ve packaged us in the best possible and it gives us immense pleasure to be in contract with them.

About Anupam Roy having mastered the tape…
Aditya: He’s the only guy who actually understands Metal in India. So, it was very easy to communicate our ideas to him. The end result, in clich├ęd terms is MENACING!!!( the last line, I added!)

About the album cover… who’s done it? Why don’t u guys have a name for the album???

Venky: I designed the cover and all the artwork. The cover is basically a mental test. You perceive what you see. So, you can call the album whatever you want to.

I think I saw a butterfly…:P
Venky: Perfect dude!!! Don’t worry…you ain’t crazy!

What are your views on piracy?
Venky: We do it ourselves(laughs!!!) If I want to buy my favourite metal cd and I can’t buy it, what am I gonna do?!? I download!!! And then again, if I’m a fourteen year old kid like yourself! And if I want to buy a BM cd, My mom won’t give me Fifty bucks for that!!! So then again, I imperatively HAVE to download!!! We just want our music to be heard as of now…
(BTW- Yours truly is not fourteen! I’m seventeen, just about to turn eighteen on the sixth of May)

Would you do Bolloywood Peppy numbers????
Venky: Depends on how much money we’re talking about!

 What’s the one think you just wouldn’t do as a band?
Venky: Physically- have sex with each other! Musically- Sing Bhajan-kirtan!

Northeast! Thumbs up/Thumbs down?
Venky: I love NE!!! Loads of potential, lack of management!

 Vinay Venkatesh was rumoured to have considered leaving the band…what’s up doc?
Venky: Vinay had reached that point of his life, where he was being bound to take a decision between the band and his career. He doesn’t have any plans to leave,as of now. The band Btw- will always be supportive of his decision, irrespective of whatever it is.


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