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Sunday Mourning

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Those outside Assam might not have heard much about ‘Sunday Mourning’ and that is exactly why we want to bring them to your notice. More than a year old and raring to go, SM have been conspicuously making waves in the pub-rock scene and have put their early days of sounding like ‘yet another Post-punk band’ behind them. Blot catches up with these new punks on the block.

  • Tell us a little about yourselves…what you guys do and what makes the band tick despite the relative paucity of shows in Guwahati?

“The band has Rishikesh on Vocals, Trinayan and Jogantor on Guitars, Eshan on bass and Arshad on the drums. The scarcity of shows in Guwahati is quite depressing. We end up relying only on competitions to reach out to a good number of people. However, it’s the thrill that comes out in creating every song that we make, that keeps us packed in.”

  • What’s your sound like?

“Our sound can be best described as a mixture of garage rock and experimental psychedelia. The psychedelic aspect f our music is just another zone of the sound that we want to enter and explore as progressing musicians.”

  • Do you guys have a bunch of new songs now? Is there a compiled release as a part of your ‘Future plan of action’?

“We’ve just signed our first record deal with UM pro. They’ve signed up with us in an artist management contract. We plan to record our First album ‘Garage sale’ in Lucid Recess studios by the end of April 2010. After we’re done with the album, we have a few plans of touring in and out of Guwahati.”

  • How important are lyrics in your scheme of things/approach to songwriting?

“To us, Lyrics play a very important role in our music. However, we never sit down to write a song, the song comes and finds us in different situations. Rishi wrote ‘Monday Morning’ on a Monday daybreak when he woke up and realized how his life was changing. Singh writes-“My name is still the same. Oh! It’ll never change…!”
Drummer Arshad adds “To be very frank, we’re more into our lyrics and instrumentation. To us, the technical aspects play a secondary role.”

  • Tell us about your influences. Who do you look up to as a band?

“Individually, we are all inspired by a variety of musicians and styles. Rishi’s approach to the melody and songwriting is inspired by a variety of British rock bands. Trinayan, Arshad and Eshan have always been very fascinated by metal. They were part of local extreme metal acts like Violent Edge and Bomb previously. Jugantor developed his style of playing by watching and listening to artists from 60’s and 70’s. He’s also an avid Grunge rock fan. As a band, we’re inspired by the likes of THE STROKES , THE KILLERS , KINGS OF LEON , JET , ARCTIC MONKEYS , WOLFMOTHER , THE KOOKS , THE WHITE STRIPES , PAULO NUTINI , RADIOHEAD and MODEST MOUSE”

  • Tell us a little more about your Genre- Garage rock…

The name "Garage rock" comes from the perception that many performers of the genre who were young and amateurish, often rehearsed in a family garage. The performances are often slapdash or naïve, with typical themes revolving around the traumas of life and songs about women, sex and intoxication being mostly common. The lyrics and delivery are notably more aggressive than the common alternative rock sound- mostly lazy, dreamy or ’trippy ‘ singing often with growled or shouted vocals that later dissolve into incoherent screaming. Instrumentation is often characterized by the use of guitars distorted through a fuzzbox. The sound of almost creating a square wave gives a "Rough around the edges" effect that creates the classic fuzz tone. This makes the guitar patch more distorted and synthetic in comparison to standard distortion or overdrive. Fuzz sounds also tend to have lower Mid frequencies than other distortion types. However, garage rock acts prove to be diverse in both musical ability and in style, ranging from crude one-chord music to near-studio musician quality.


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