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Friday, March 12, 2010

‘Rock music’ in ‘Hindi’? What’s that all about?
It’s about a new breed of Rock Musicians who’ve twisted the rules and made Rock n’ roll a household affair in India!!!

The band-
The band comprises of Manish and Sandeep on Guitars, Tushar on bass, Prateek on Drums and Gary on Vocals.

“Jai Hind!!!”

Why Hindi?-
“After we played a few gigs we discovered that ‘Hindi’ as a language could connect to a very large audience. There were times when gate-keepers would come to us and compliment us on our performances!!! That really amazed us. Maybe, that’s one reason why we got together in the first place.”

Bollywood!!!- Yes or no?
“Yes! But only if we’re allowed to add our personal touch to the music.”

What do you expect from a crowd whenever you’re playing a show?
“Nothing at all!!! We just like to have a good time on stage. However, In case you don’t like us, JUST TELL US!!!(Laughs)”


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