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Native Rules

Friday, March 12, 2010

Who’s the noise?
Native Rules, a thrash metal outfit from Rock city Shillong. Formed in the winter of 2003, this band has been making waves for its implacable tightness on stage and its pantera-esque sound.

“We started out when we were pretty young. It might seem funny to you but we started out with bands like Blink 182!!! One day our drummer asked us if we could do this song by Pantera. We tried it out! The rest in clichéd terms is history…”

What is ‘Native Rules’?
“We are four guys, trying to unleash a feeling that each one of us is going through…”

Method to the madness-
“We don’t plan our songs, it just happens. Our music is born out of inspiration.”

Why should People listen to metal?(Funny Question,it is!!!) When did you realize that you had an inclination towards it?
“Because it’s Powerful! When Mustaine sang stuff like ‘Jihad Joe’ we realized how deep and powerful metal is!” 


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