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Friday, March 12, 2010

Winner takes it all!!!
Hell yes, they do!!! And for all the right reasons, I must say.
A five piece ensemble from heritage city Kolkatta, this groove metal outfit has harvested quite a reputation for itself in its two years of existence. They were declared winners of Rock-o-phonix 2010 and managed to assemble quite a large fan-following in Guwahati with their performance in the finals.

What is the image you’re looking for, as a band?
“We want to be strong and heavy both lyrically and music-wise. We want our lyrics to be felt. And most of all we want our live-set to appeal to people as an audio-visual experience. ”

What’s the one thing that you don’t do as a metal band?
“We don’t write about dark stuff.”

‘Piracy’- ‘Friend’ or ‘Foe’?
“Mostly, a friend. To be very frank, most of us download music off the internet ourselves. As long as our music is heard, we don’t really care.”

Do you think there’s a future for metal and metal bands in India?
“Yes! But we still have to put a lot of work into it!”

What’s next For Moshpit?
“More recorded stuff. More participation in competitions like these and most importantly a manager!!! We urgently need one!”                                                                                                    


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