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Friday, March 12, 2010

Still got the blues?-
Absolutely!!! This Darjeeling based three piece blues outfit has made quite a name for itself, owing to their strong musical skills and on-stage charisma.

Cannabis comprises of Ashish on Guitars and vocals, Pronab on bass and Tsheten on drums.

I-Q-Cannabis is about-
“A connection. To us it’s just how we connect to our audience.”

What’s Blazz?
“That’s our genre. We think that we are a connection between Blues and Jazz. Hence, the name.”

Have you ever tested waters in any other genres? Tell us a little about your band name.
“Yeah. We’ve played metal for quite some time before this and then we realized that blues was our thing. We used to be called ‘Chaotic Symphony’ and ‘Revelation’ previously. We zeroed in on the present name when a friend of ours asked us our band name. Since we were so confused, one of us answered ‘I-Q!’(that meant 'Interesting Question') And then somebody said ‘Cannabis!’ Ever since then, we call ourselves I-Q-Cannabis.”



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