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Girish and the chronicles

Friday, March 12, 2010

Is that Superman? –
No! That’s Girish Pradhan and his four member ensemble that he got together with, just four months back. An outfit dedicated to playing the blues, GATC believes that their love for music served as the right catalyst for the formation of the band.

Evolution Game-
Prior to GATC’s formation Girish had travelled far and wide as a solo artist. He had also made music with his younger brother, Yogesh Pradhan, who now studies in Pune. However, after Yogesh’s departure Girish felt the need of a full time band and hence brought in Suraj on Lead Guitars, Noel on Bass, Micheal on effects and keys and Nagen on the drums to form the Chronicles. 

The most ‘Rock and roll’ thing you’ve done as a band-
“Our regular set at Café Live and Loud seems to always turn real wild by the end of the show and that, somehow, seems very rock and roll to us!” says Pradhan.

Do you think the 80’s is dead?
“The 80’s can never be dead! To be very frank, Blues is by far the best thing that happened to Mankind!!! ”

What’s the one thing that makes GATC unique?


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