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Friday, March 12, 2010

Dwar, a four piece melodic metal outfit from Shillong. ‘Dwar’ signifies a door through which one’s dreams, hopes and aspirations can be realized.

The band-
Dwar comprises of Imti on Guitars, Freddy on Vocals, Jonathan on Drums and Arbor on bass.

Dwar is-
“An Expression of Life and its many constituents.”

Are reality shows a good platform for non-mainstream music?
“If given a chance, we might go in for such a thing. However, we think that there is a lot of Favoritism practiced in these shows. We don’t love these shows and at the same time don’t hate them as well.”

Any eccentric plans for the future?
“We don’t know as of now!!! To be very frank, we don’t like to confirm as well. We’ll just do our stuff, keep bettering ourselves and continue to learn till we’re about sixty years old, or maybe beyond!(Laughs)”


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