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Stifle Violence

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Stifle Violence
Assam Based Math metal outfit that hit the big time with their performance in IIT Guwahati’s ‘Rock-o-phonix-2009’
Stifle Violence was put together by vocalist Amit Boro and bassist Ronnie Dutta, who were looking to channel their love for metal. The two began to scout for musicians to flesh out the band’s sound and after a few false starts the ensemble was completed by Guitarist Ishan Das, Second Guitarist Bhaskar Borgohain and Drummer Nishant Hagzier. In the few months that the band had been around they’d garnered a sizeable fan following all around Guwahati, but remained largely unknown elsewhere. All that changed however, with the launch of their debut compositions- ‘Blind man’s buff’ and ‘until you die’, in October. It finally lent credence to the rumors of the band’s musical dexterity that had been floating around and got them a slot at Rock-o-phonix 2009, in which they were declared semi-finalists.
With a singular sound, quite unlike any other band in India right now, the five-piece ensemble scopes out music from a variety of genres and ties it into the framework of their wordplay. “I was looking to form a thrash metal outfit and didn’t want to stray away from that. We didn’t chance upon the sound; we went into it knowing exactly what kind of music we wanted to create. Our sound is unique and our very own.” says Ishan. The band bend thrash metal riffs around math metal structures, slipping occasionally into a progressive or sometimes a Djent metal mould. The music alternates repetitive, chugging melodic riffs with bass and guitar breaks bolstered by heavy vocals, both growled and screamed. Thematically, the songs feature social issues and current-event angst that rides well with most crowds.

Although the band followed greatly on the lines of Pantera and its ilk, SV’s greatest influences are Periphery and Textures. “Meshuggah was like a third musical epiphany [after the above mentioned] for us; their approach was what drew me in most. If you listen to their music, it’s not unnecessarily complex, yet it’s unpredictable.” says Amit. Amit also has a thing for metaphors, like his reference to the Politicians in ‘Blind man’s buff’- “This is new world order/ it’s seminal disorder/Bloodthirsty demons created by political murders/No place to hide.”
Turning point-
The band lost their Former bassist Zoe Basumatary in the midst of 2009, which proved to be the biggest crossroad for the band. The band ever since then realized that their music wasn’t just about aggressiveness. “The band was originally formed to play angst-driven music, but after Zoe’s death, as we kept jamming we realized that it’s just not anger that we want to portray,” says Nishant. “We’re essentially an experimental band. Our music allows complete creative and emotional freedom to everyone in the band to do what they want to. Also, we try to incorporate as many colours and textures in our music as possible while keeping it metal.”
Big Break-
As SV’s popularity took an eventual rise, offers from media houses started pouring in. The band performed in NE TV’s Premier show- ‘Band of Northeast’ in 2008. They were also aired on the show-‘Purple Haze’ (Radio OO-la-la 91.9 FM) in 2009. The band has been a popular face in the EVER-SO-RAPIDLY-GROWING Guwahati rock scene having played numerous pub-gigs and concerts throughout the duration of the last two years.
Secret Formula-
SV’s sound is evidently different and groovy in comparison to anything else in the scene today. They describe themselves as “A constantly evolving Combo of metalheads- driven by inspiration and ‘state of affairs’”. When asked about their recording procedures, Bassist and former guitarist Ronnie elucidated- “Normally Ishan comes up with a composition and the rest of us pour in our inputs. Although all of our present demos are home-productions, we follow a very long and specific course of action- to maintain a certain amount of professionalism in our work. ” When asked about their views on commercialization, Guitarist Bhaskar mentioned that SV as a band never defies any values or ideologies. He also added that the band has always believed in getting their music out, in the best possible way- regardless of it being commercial or conventional.
On the cards-
SV’s debut EP, which they hope to release sometime this year, is already in its conception stages. “Most of the songs that will feature on our debut are songs that Ishan has already worked on, what we’ll do is just improvise around them,” says Amit. “Because the songs always have a common primary motive, everyone plays their part and constructively builds a sound. This sound eventually underscores the band’s character,” adds Ronnie.
Spin This-
Their New original- ‘Corrosion’ contrasts chunky riffs and progressive sections within an unconventional song-structure.


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