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Insane Prophecy

Thursday, February 25, 2010

It is a tall allege to be able to spot and categorize a new band into a ‘cream-of-the-crop’ group in the early stages of its formation, but it is nevertheless feasible to identify as to which bands out there actually show enough potential to make it big provided they remain ‘dyed-in-the-wool’ and unwavering in their work. Insane Prophecy, a Guwahati based black metal outfit, is one band, which I hope, shall make that cut.

The first time I heard and concurrently heard of the band ‘Insane prophecy’ was when they performed at the 2008 edition of the Solung festival in Itanagar. They began with a soundcheck of the Maiden classic ‘Hallowed be thy name’, and the first few riffs of that metal anthem brought the crowds down from the chairs of the auditorium onto their feet, as an ad-lib mosh-pit was created, and people went berserk. A minute into their soundcheck, they bunged and switched to playing their now popular compositions ‘Resurrection’ and ‘War Cry’ topping it up with a note-perfect Grind number ‘Rape of Democracy’.

With the incredible response that they induced from the crowd, it was hard to believe that it had only been a couple of months since they had come together, for their tight sound, the eminence of their music and the on-stage charisma, specially of their Frontman and their drummer made it appear as though they had been veterans in the live performance rigmarole for a sizeable amount of time.

A very young bunch of metal Enthusiasts, Insane Prophecy has been gigging in and around North-eastern India for over a year now. The band was initially formed in the winter of 2008 as a Grind-metal outfit heavily influenced by the likes of Napalm Death and its ilk. Unfortunately, after a couple of months the band had to split ways to pursue- (the common culprit guilty of disbanding most Indian acts) - HIGHER EDUCATION!

Nonetheless, after a hiatus of 2 months, the band reformed with Xulfi on the bass and Bikash from ‘Violent Edge’ on guitars.
After testing waters in different extreme genres the band steadily zeroed in on an experimentative sub-genre of ‘Norwegian Black metal’ and ‘Death metal’ infused with apocalyptic themes and melodic elements.

The band’s sound is characterized by razor-sharp technical riffing tied together with sturdy basslines, topped up by aggressive drumming and growling vocals. Unlike other bands in the circuit, IP’s philosophy does not gyrate around coming up with catchy riffs and putting in words that rhyme to end up with an excuse of a song. Their theory relies on life, the universe, and everything in general for them to gain brainwave that results in material which is profound, thought provoking and highly personal to the band members.

It is fascinating to note that the band, by itself seems to be of the belief that a happy state of mind results in a mental block that transforms to song-writing inactivity, while a nonaligned mental state or one of agitation leads to introspection, deep thought and consequently ideas that transmute into songs.

Frontman Pervez also mentioned that although their music is highly inspired by William Blake poetry elucidating ideas and thoughts of Resurrection and devil reverence, the members as individuals do not believe is blasphemy. To them, their music and themes are just a means of channeling the inherent darkness that lay within them.
He further added by saying that ‘Insane Prophecy’- to the members has always been more like a concept- one which isn’t just about drawing huge crowds and thrashing out high-energy performances by design. They believe in playing for expression rather than impression- which I think is yet another fresh approach to start with, especially in our scene of poser-ridden music today.

When asked about what one can expect from ‘Insane Prophecy’ in the future, I was told that the band is planning on a self-made release by the beginning of 2010 .They also look forward to playing more live shows throughout the country. Brothers Xulfi and Ifty further added their anxiety in coming up with more material. Furthermore Axeman Bikash ensured that the band’s musical dexterity is sure to take the upward path.


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