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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Civilization has become dissolute and insignificant, and dodging the cycle of insurgence, death metal portrays a world prior to the moralization of values, in which personal ideals can coup.
Death metal denies intrinsic value in tenor and ideal, and deconstructs the imperious sense of world and societal bounds around us with primordial music bearing intricacy in texture and matter. It employs instinct and reason to replace deconstructed fantasy with structuralist susceptibility and compassion towards existential principles.

Four men disenchanted by the bloodied battle ruining the youth came together with one motive- To fight back and eliminate the submissiveness in men. Thus was born, Hammerhead.

Formed in 2007, Hammerhead has made Rapid strides in the North-eastern circuit with its fresh brand of originals. The bands music is a blend of brutal death metal and thrash. They also embrace a basic ‘technical’ sound, a progressive metal melody and a lyrical structure that normally talks about violence, mutilation, hatred and war. They have their own signature style and they take great pride and joy in pursuing their craft.

All set to release their debut studio effort, ‘Insane generation’ (E.P);
Hammerhead plans to unleash their music on higher ground and hope to spread awareness with their music someday.

An Apollo Haze exclusive with the Band-

• How did ‘Hammerhead’ happen?

The inception of ‘Hammerhead’ takes its roots from our love for metal and our dream to make a revolution through music. Some time in 2007, this inception was cemented into reality with the entry of our guitarist- Babylon who was part of one of the first Death metal Bands in Karbi-Anglong: ‘Murder in the cathedral’.
Prior to this, the rest of us were called ‘Ygg Drasil’. Back then, our vocalist- David was performing duties on both Guitars as well as vocals.

• What inspired you to make music together?

As individuals, we’ve always had great love for metal. We’ve also witnessed a great deal of unrest in our motherland. The combination of these two factors led to the inspiration of trying to create an awareness through the means of metal.

• How did the name ‘Hammerhead’ come along?

The name ‘Hammerhead’ defines us as a force against turmoil, injustice and ignorance. It projects the strength of the band and acts as a tribute to bands like Motorhead, Judas Priest and Black Sabbath who are like gods to us.
• Tell us a little about the making of your latest release. Give us a blow by blow account of all the tracks.

Our new E.p is called: ‘Insane Generation’, scheduled to be released in the first half of November. The making of this E.p has been a great experience. We would like to acknowledge Ambar Das from Sound Zone studios for his relentless support and Guidance.
The E.p has four songs in it-

Depth of Despair is about one of the most punishing feelings in the world- ‘Suffocation’. The suffocation of being by-products of a futile system. It’s a feeling of dormant despair that grows inside you like an infection, until one day you can’t take it anymore and you realize you have to fight against it. We’ve worked with this idea in mind and experimented quite a lot with regards to the track.

Children of Kali is a very dark track. It is based around ancient Indian happenings that talk about ‘Thugs’ and ‘Dacoits’ who used to rob people and kill them brutally in the name of goddess Kali .The song is Babylon’s brainchild, owing to his fascination for History.

Bloodbath deals with how terrorism has enslaved our society .It talks about the mass killings in our nation and traces its inspiration from events like the serial bomb-blasts and the Mumbai tragedy. From the music point of view this track is all out brutality with moderate rudiments of blasts added to the grooves.

Insane Generation is the title track on the Ep and talks about a generation which has put much of its new found liberty and opportunities to waste. This song truly captures what the ‘Hammerhead’ sound has evolved into. It has an amazing melodic (yet trippy!) solo thrown in for good measure.

We’ve hammered all our blood sweat and tears into this E.p and we hope our fans and critics like it.

• Hammerhead‘s sound is very unique. What would you say contributes to that particular sound?

The main thing is to stay true to yourself and to keep your outlook wide open. With an open horizon, it’s easier to absorb all kinds of inclinations and to respect beauty in all art and non-art forms. Music is always in deep connection with one’s soul. If you are able to portray what you feel in an unadulterated way, you will steadily move into your own unique sound. That’s what we believe in- We play with all our heart and stay true to ourselves. And ofcourse, hard work pays.

• As a band, how has it been so far? What are your plans for the future?

Initially, we had to deal with a lot of problems. Our guitarist stays in another district and it’s a four hour drive from his place to ours. We’ve had very less time to be together. Yet, because of our intense chemistry, we’ve managed to headline numerous gigs and have received quite a response, mostly in the last one year. Other things apart, what truly keeps us going, is the undying support of our fans and the dedication of our manager- David Koch.
As far as the future is concerned, we look forward to playing throughout the country and maybe on an international level someday. With the upcoming release of the Ep, we also aim to make our originals our trademark.

• What is your take on the Indian Metal scene? Any message to all the aspiring India bands out there?

As a band, we’ve watched the metal scene in India grow with leaps and bounds. We have great respect for bands like Demonic Resurrection, Undying Inc and IIIrd sovereign. They have inspired us to be part of this revolution.
Also; we admire the hard work put in by bands like ‘Project Blend ltd’ from Shillong and ‘Insane Prophecy’ from Assam.
Our Advice to all those bands out there is to keep working hard and explore and experiment with your sound, till you are convinced it’s coming from the deepest corners of your soul. Stay Original, Stay heavy!

• Any last words?

We just want all the musicians and music lovers on the Indian underground scene to broaden their perspective and learn to respect any band that is doing their own thing with sincerity and integrity.
Hope to see you soon in our shows. Hammer on!


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