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Flood Gate brings 'Twist'

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Recorded at Lucid-recess studios, Flood gate’s highly anticipated EP- ‘Twist’ was released in 2008. The first track ‘Immortal Sadness” Johnny (of ‘BOMB’ fame)
On vocals, Abhishek on Piano and Amitabh & Siddharth Barooa (From Lucid Recess) on strings. Although the song lacks the perfect Flood-gate ‘vibe’, the track seems to stand out it’s own for it’s metalcore infused vocals and emo infused instrumentation.

The second track “soldiers’ life’ is unquestionably the best on the EP. For ones who will recognize-the song revolves around a very contemporary topic. For a moment there I almost thought it was Bruce Dickinson doing the vocals.

If one could define ‘Tale of the abused’, Neo-progressive would be the word. The guitar section sounds awesome in that song(Petrucci watch out!). The last two songs seem to go by a common wave that metal bands of the north-east mostly follow in the present times. Yet,Do not mistake Flood Gate as another addition to the ennui. The band is an absolute ear-stealer when it comes to genre blending and technique execution. Kudos to the drummer!!!


prerona said...

u have done an amazin work
i m fully impresed .......
keep it up......

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